Exploring the Digital Landscape of Pakistan

Exploring the Digital Landscape

We are living in an info-tech world, thanks to internet revolution. This world is altogether different from its predecessors in almost every aspect. If, in the past, there was a paucity of information and someone having an ample information, like a teacher in any society, was considered a demigod, today there is an abundance of information and the smartness lies in not knowing a lot of information but in figuring out which piece of information is right and which is wrong. This has completely changed the role of educational institutions in today's world where the need is not to share information with students like what used to be in the past rather focus is on building skills of the students in the likes of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity so that they can make a sense of the world changing around them day in day out.


Similarly, info-tech revolution coming in the wake of internet has monumentally impacted job market in today's world. Today, more and more job industries are becoming obsolete because of not catching up to zeitgeist of the present age which is technology. Take an example of Uber and Careem in Pakistan. The two have completely outclassed the local transportation means through mere use of technology. It's expected that, in near future, most of the current jobs will be performed by machines and current generation of school children will have jobs in future which the world does not know about yet. The only lifeline for industries to survive in this info-tech world is to align themselves with technology.

As the world, at large, has been coping with implications

of info-tech revolution and has been striving hard to adjust with its nuances, it's important to explore digital landscape of Pakistan and find out to what extent internet revolution has penetrated Pakistan.

Pakistan's interface with digital world is quite nascent; however, internet penetration is increasing with each passing year. The country has a population approximately around 198.9 million in which 67% are under the age of 30 years and 35% are below the age of 15 years. Because of having a major chunk of population young, Pakistan shows bright prospects for thriving digital market in future. This can also be testified from the rising percentage of internet penetration in Pakistan since 2011. Figures vis-à-vis internet's usage since 2011 have been shown in the table below. The data has been collected from digital data websites.


Apart from this, 80% of netizens across Pakistan spend more than one hour online per day and the devices through which they access internet comprise Laptop (55%), Desktop (50%) and Smartphones (30%).

It is important to mention here that this detailed analysis of digital world in Pakistan has been gathered by Links Advertising from digital data websites active across the globe. Links Advertising is one of the leading digital marketing enterprises across Pakistan. Our office is located in Lahore and has the distinction of turning underdogs of business world into leading giants through state-of-the-art digital marketing tools and strategies customized as per the global market. Links Advertising closely keeps an eye on digital developments across Pakistan and believes that Pakistan makes the best out of booming digital revolution. This article is mainly aimed at those who want to make sense of digital landscape across Pakistan for variety of reasons and especially students who aspire to make a career in tech-field.

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